So, we have weekly competitions: User of the Week, Chat Moment of the Week, and Best Relationships of the Week. This is the voting booth, where you may submit candidates and vote for who you think should win.

You can add any submissions yourself, and a survey will come up at the end of the week.


  • Don't submit yourself (User/Relationship of the week)
  • The previous winner of the week can't be nominated again.
  • User of the Week has a maximum of 6 nominations, whilst Relationship of the Week's maximum is 5.

User of the WeekEdit


  • Nasia (by Delilah)
  • Shan (by Delilah)
  • Tom  (by Delilah)
  • Delilah (by Shan)
  • Delilah (by Nina)

Relationship of the WeekEdit


Chat Moment of the WeekEdit

Note: When you add a chat moment, make sure you don't use thumb, left/right or anything else after the file name, this will mess up the page.