Birthday 29 December
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown NorCal, US
Nicknames Rae (All)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
User Level Barnacle
Creator of stories
By Blood And Chocolate
Light in the Dark

Raybelle, aka Rae, is a member of the Our Family Is Better Than Yours! family.

Place In The Family TreeEdit

Rae is a cultural anthropologist studying the inner workings of the OFIBTY family who enjoys making extensive notes, but doesn't interact very much as part of the awesome unit.


  • She is a writer, with a passion for character development.
  • She likes word games
  • She likes to play Plants versus Zombies, and it is the only computer game she owns
  • She dances Ballroom (esp tango and rhumba), though she no longer does it competitively
  • She's been involved in marching band since eighth grade, and plays tuba
  • Her nickname is "Ruffles", given to her by her family, because her fingernails have ridges.
  • She works at a zoo, and loves giraffes, rhinos, anteaters, and ground hornbills (and June, George and Butch the flamingoes, but just them).
  • She loves family films (esp Disney and Pixar) and musicals (esp Sondheim).
  • She loves Charlie Lubeck from TGP, because he's especially creative with his musical choices and has great taste in books
  • She has recently come to the conclusion that Glee has jumped the shark and is sad.
    • Previously to episode 4x04, Sam and Tina were her favorite characters,
    • Previously to episod 4x04, she shipped Blam Bromancing, Tike Canon, and Huntina Crackship
  • She loves Game of Thrones on TV, but doesn't like the books because they are too graphic and...much in general for her tastes
    • She thinks Shae is the best character book-to-series alteration in the entire show
    • She ships Renley/Loras, Tyrion/Shae, and FUTURE Gendry/Arya
    • She thinks Dany and her Dragons kick ass
  • She loves Once Upon a Time, and is excited and hopeful to see Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
    • She thinks Belle is awesome (though slightly tragic), and misses Graham soooo much
    • She ships Frankenwolf, Rumbelle, Captain Swan and wishes there was more of an Evil Swan friendship
  • She's obsessed with all things Joss Whedon, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Firefly, and Cabin in the Woods, and loves writing Sci-fi/Fantasy reflecting themes from his work (although her style is very different than his)
  • She is really tech-stupid, and can't get a handle on anything very complicated on the wiki.


  • Malaki and Cosha drooling
  • Dozer vying for attention
  • Mufasa and Aisha (and a bunch of turkeys)-- how can you not love them?
  • Nikona, the love of my life :)
  • The Official Band Artist's Rendering of Me
  • the Tuburglar strikes!



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Men are evil

Stupid hair

Trade money
Want take have
Undo it


Lost, angry, armed


Heart beat

Blame canada