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Welcome to the 101st Annual Hunger Games!


Here is the wiki: OFIBTY Hunger Games


District Male Tribute Age Weapon Female Tribute Age Weapon
1 Tyler Presley 18 Spear Jessica Alba 16 Sword
2 Kellen Lutz 17 Axe Ellie Hawthorne 14 Spear
3 John Ryder 13 Axe Haley Reinhart 16 Axe
4 Frank Ocean 17 Trident Delilah Byrd 17 Knives
5 Mau Moore 13 Spear Marina Diamandis 15 Blowgun
6 Brandon Jones 15 Blowgun Lea Michele 18 Sword
7 Joey Mitchell 18 Axe Dianna Agron 18 Axe
8 Mark Washington 17 Slingshot Ariana Grande 16 Knifes
9 Colton Haynes 16 Spear Shan Hale 16 Bow/Arrow
10 Tom Jenner 16 Blowgun Naya Rivera 18 Sword
11 Jacob Artist 18 Bow/Arrow Nasia Lee 17 Spear
12 Andrew Roberts 18 Sword Pixie Lott 16 Knives

Chariot RidesEdit

  • District 1: The District 1 chariot is made out of glass completely so it is see-through and is pulled by a two perfectly white horses. Jessica is wearing a long flowing dress made entirely out of reflective crystals and has a reflective crystal masquerade mask. Tyler is seen wearing a tuxedo made out of the same reflective crystals and has a masculine version of Jessica's masquerade mask.
  • District 2: The District 2 chariot is golden and is pulled by two coal black horses wearing golden gladiator armor. Ellie is seen wearing matching golden gladiator armor as well as Kellen.
  • District 3: The District 3 chariot is a greyish color and is pulled by two Clydesdale horses. Haley has a futuristic outfit consisting of a silver top and skirt with silver tights and black boots. John is wearing a silver tank top with silver tight pants and black boots.
  • District 4: The District 4 chariot is a bright blue color pulled by two horses with hair dyed the color of the chariot. Delilah is seen wearing a bright blue bikini top with a purple-ish long skirt which is used to create the illusion of Delilah being a mermaid. Frank is shirtless wearing a long orange skirt which he is obviously not too happy with. 
  • District 5: The District 5 chariot is black but has little lights flicker around it. It is pulled by two coal black horses with lights covering them as well. Marina is wearing a black latex suit covered in twinkling lights as well as Mau.
  • District 6: The District 6 chariot is grey and is pulled by two grey horses. Lea is wearing a tight dress made up of tubes of different shades of grey and Brandon is in a suit of the same material.
  • District 7: The District 7 chariot is made of wood and is pulled by two dark brown horses. Dianna is wearing a long dress made of a material that looks like wood and Joey is wearing a suit of the same material.
  • District 8: The District 8 chariot is made of different colored pieces of fabric sewn together and is pulled by two horses with different colored dyed hair. Arianna is seen wearing a dress made of the different fabrics used on the chariot and Mark is seen wearing an identical suit.
  • District 9: The District 9 chariot is pearl white and is pulled by two white horses. Shan is seen wearing a dress made of seeds glued together and Colton a matching suit.
  • District 10: The District 10 chariot is a tannish color and is pulled by two horses of the same color. Naya is seen in a pink sexified cowgirl outfit and Tom in a blue sexified cowboy outfit.
  • District 11: The District 11 chariot is a brown color and is pulled by a single brown horse. Nasia and Jacob are both wearing overalls and have reefs in their hair.
  • District 12: The District 12 chariot is a tan color but has visible soot stains on the bottom of it. It is pulled by two black horses. Pixie is seen wearing a long flowing dress made of pieces of cinder and magma. Andrew is in a matching suit.



  • BB means Bloodbath
Place Name  Day Killed Killled by How?
24th Pixie 1- BB Ellie Token fell on her mine and she blew up.
23th Lea 1- BB Frank Trident in stomach.
22nd Mau 1-BB Ellie Knife to leg.
21st Brandon 1-BB Kellen Spear in chest.
20th Tom 1-BB Ariana Axe in back.
19th Colton 1-BB Tyler Neck slit.
18th Mark 1-BB Delilah 3 knifes to chest.
17th Jessica 1-BB Dianna Axe in chest.
16th Dianna DAY 2 Rocks Buried.