Each week, someone will be sent packing. This fanfic will determine who will be able to fight till the end. Your goal is to be the last one standing. A randomizer will determine who will win the weekly challenge. This season, the winner will NOT be able to save someone, but they will have a new power. They will get to choose one person to be at RISK. That's right, i said it. >:) There is another change. Voting. We are most not using surveymonkey. You will see how things work out in episode 1.

PRIZE: $100,000

HINT: Get out the strongest/most popular people first! You will have an easier chance to win in the end!

Another HINT: Make alliances that will get you far ;)

Last HINT: Play dirty and don't be afraid to vote out a close friend >=] 


Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Justin IN IN OUT
Manuel IN OUT

 IN   The contestant was not at risk of elimination.
 WIN  The contestant won the weekly competition.
 LOW  The contestant was almost at risk for bottom 2.
 RISK  The contestant was at risk of leaving competition.
 OUT  The contestant was eliminated.
 OUT  The contestant quit.
 FINALIST  This contestant made it to the finals.
 WINNER  This contestant won the competition.


~Theme song becomes more interesting because its the finale~


Audience: *CHEERING*

Nasia: I cant wait to announce the winner! Its so loud in here! The crowd is pumped! I'm pumped! Everyone's ready for the biggest finale yet! Lets bring out out TOP 3!!!!

~Delilah walks out in high heels with a short dress and her long wavy hair flowing in the wind, winking at the audience~

~John comes out with his tux on and his hair gelled down waving~

~Mark comes out with a huge smile and joyfully skipping without realizing he was about to trip over a mic stand, and he fell~

Nasia: Emoticon_unamused.png someone help him up!!

~John and Delilah helps him while laughing~

Mark: Well, that was embarrassing. 

John: It was hilarious!

Nasia: Join me, gentlemen.

Delilah: *clears throat*

Nasia: And Delilah.

Delilah: *flips hair*

Nasia: How do you guys feel right now!?!?!

Mark: I feel great! I didn't think i would make it this far!

Nasia: I did, i thought you were going to be one of the last ones standing. I was correct Emoticon_happy.png

Mark: Are you saying im weak and not a threat?


Delilah: Wheres my crown? I already know i won. Pass it over to me.

Audience member: Bitch please

Delilah: ?

Nasia: Do you guys know how we are going to pick the winner??

John: No, how?

Nasia: Your former housemates!!! Lets bring out the crew!

~Former house guest comes to the stage~

Delilah: It feels weird with all of the old people back.

John: Im scared of the old people, they kept trying to get me out so its obvious they don't want me to win.

Nasia: Did you guys know...that there is a mystery person this year?

Cast and audience: *gasp*

Nasia: Yep. We will reveal this person shortly. They played a superior game. Had many alliances. I cant explain how many props im giving to them. They will receive a $25,000 gift reward!

~Jacob walks out unexpectedly~

Nasia: wtf

Jacob: hey

Nasia: wtf x2

Mark: JACOB!!!! Faint-1-.gif

Nasia: While im trying to figure out whats going on..we will go to break.


Nasia: We are back! Now its time for our oldies to start voting. The winner will not be revealed just yet though. *looks at cast* omg..there are only 4 returning competitors! Completely forgot! Manuel was eaten by rats. And Justin..we didn't get the full story about where he's been but he wasn't able to make it tonight. Lets say hello to Joey, Mau, Tom, and Shan. Wooooo!

Audience: *applause*

Nasia: Glad to have you guys back :)

Joey: The pleasures all mine 

Mau: Im just here for the food

Nasia: Food?

Tom: Yea

Mau: The after party food

Nasia: -____-

Shan: Im here because i was forced.

Nasia: Who forced you? You didn't want to come back?

Shan: No. I never win anything.

Nasia: Sorry.....

Joey: Emoticon-00114-dull.gif

Nasia: Im going to ask each of you to submit your votes now. Give your last words to the top 3 then return to your seats.

~Joey as he is submitting his votes~

Joey: I want to congratulate all three of you, and best of luck.


Nasia: Next up is Shan

(real footage)

Shan: Im not voting.

Nasia: WTF, you are not coming to the finale without voting

Shan: Im already here. And im not voting because im always voted out for no reason. I am not a threat. Joey and Delilah are bigger threats than me, but i got voted out.

Nasia: ...Joey been out of the competition. Mark and John had an alliance with Delilah which is why they chose her over you..

(end of footage)

Shan: I dont care.

~Jacob comes out of nowhere~

Jacob: You are a sore looser. Why did you join if you were gonna get mad at being voted out. Im about to go off on you like i did to Manuel on episode 2. 

Shan: Its not fair!

Jacob: Look you piece of sh..

Nasia: *cuts off jacob* NO, LANGUAGE, WATCH IT.

Jacob: She's pissing me off. *picks shan up and carries her back stage*

Shan: LET ME GO!!! *trying to fight him off*

~Camera goes backstage~

~Jacob throws shan out of the window~

Jacob: Dont worry, we are on the 1st floor. She isn't hurt.

~Returns to stage~

Nasia: What happen??

Jacob: Nothing. Sorry for this interruption everyone. Can we go to break real quick?


Nasia: This is awkward. Everyones quiet. Lets get back to how it was when the episode first started! WOOOOO

Audience: *crickets*

Nasia: next up to vote is, SHREK

Tom: I don't have anything to say to you guys except for good luck. 


Nasia: Lastly, we have Mau.

Mau: Good luck to all.


Nasia: Kay so we only have 3 people voting for a winner -___- 

Jacob: Yea.

Nasia: Lets get a music guest out here for the finale!!

~Demi Lovato sings Heart Attack~

Delilah: I LOVE YOU DEMI! 

Demi: Call me hun 

Nasia: Lets talk about skill. John, Mark, and Delilah. Your alliance actually got you to the end! After being the under dogs compared to the other team, you somehow made it work!

John: Thanks to me ;)

Mark: Yea, john played a good game

Delilah: I also played a good game :)

Nasia: Yes, yes you did. All 3 of you. 

PART 4 Mystery Revealed

Nasia: Here we go! First we will announce the person who did not win. 

~Dramatic music~

Nasia: The person....who did not win... the $100,000 cash Im sorry. You are in third place.

Audience: Aww

Delilah: Ugh, second year back and didn't win again :( good luck to mark and john.

John and Mark: Thanks

Nasia: Before we announce the winner, we will talk about the mystery person. Honestly, i feel as though this award should go to two people. Their game was phenomenal. Only one can win this prize. Delilah, you were almost chosen for this award, but you weren't. I love how you somehow got into the finale again without everyone voting you out on the first few episodes. Knowing you were the biggest threat in the house since you got 2nd place last year. 

Jacob: Yea, props.

Nasia: But our mystery person this year was...........JOHN congrats!

John: Seriously? :D

Nasia: YES! You were behind the eliminations of Mau, Tom, and Shan! You were the mastermind. *hands $15,000 check*

John: Thanks!

Nasia: After the break, the winner will be revealed. Stay tuned.

PART 5 The fight

Nasia: Apparently there was a fight backstage during the break. I'll catch you guys up. Take a look at the inside footage. 

(Real footage)

Shan: I don't trust john anymore

Mau: Why, because he was smart? Thats what this show is all about..

Shan: No because he was the mystery person mau

Mau: I know the mystery person is the smart guy... *laughs* he played his role well

Shan: Yes but WHY does it have to be a GUY! Both seasons, the MP was a GUY.

Mau: that has nothing to do...

Nasia: *cuts off mau* um Delilah almost won the award but john played a better game therefore he won it

Shan: But why can't it be FEMALE for once

Mau: Its just the 2nd season...

Nasia: There was only 2 females in it from the start...

Shan: People think i'm a strong competitor, yet since john joined and started joining comps, he's become a strong one, yet people still assume i'm the strong one. And no i'm not being selfish, because i'm sick and tired of people lying. Lying is wrong, bad, i dislike it so people should stop.

Nasia: But what you are not understanding is that, this competition was meant for people to lie and backstab...its just a game and you are the only one who is mad about it

Mark: Lying is fun. Its bad. But its fun. :(

Mau: Shan no offense, but be a good looser

Nasia: I just dont understand why someone would join and then complain about getting backstabbed when thats the whole point

~Shan picks up a table and throws it then leaves the room~

(end of footage)

Nasia: It got messy back there! Coming up, the winner! (Yes, we are stalling. Thats what all live shows do. Durr)


Nasia: This show has come to an end. Everyone has been dying to know who will take home the crown. Will it be John?

~Camera shows john~

Nasia: Or will it be Mark?

~Camera shows mark~

Nasia: Time to see right now. The winner.....of Fight to the Finish season

~Dramatic effects~

~crowd waits anxiously~

Nasia: JOHN! You have won SEASON TWO


John: OMGOMOGOGMOGMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Waits till crowd stops going crazy~

Nasia: Now come over here mark. 

Mark: Congrats John, you deserve it. I'll go home and watch glee now :)

Nasia: You do that! :)

John: I cant believe i won!

~Everyone runs on stage to hug john~

Nasia: *trying to talk over the crowd because its so loud* This was a great season! Unfortunately there are no rumors of a season 3! Thanks for watching FTF2!! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!!!

~Confetti falls while screen fades to black~