Eloise-Tom-Joey Relationship
Two boys and girl by alzbettta-d38998a
Shipname Telloy
Status Best friends
First met The Glee Project Wiki

The Eloise-Tom-Joey relationship is the relationship between Eloise, Tom and Joey. They are often referred to as Telloy.


Ellie, Joey and Tom all met on the Glee Project wiki

Horror GamesEdit

This part is a list of flash horror games played by Joey, Tom and occasionally Shan, introduced to them by Ellie. The three are very avid horror gamers, and like sharing their experiences.

The GamesEdit

  • House 2 - Tom and Joey loved this game, and jumped many times over its unexpected jumpscares.
    • link
    • Scariness rating: 8
  • Cellar Door - Joey fell in love with the game, but Tom thought that it was stupid and that it wasn't scary, but Tom sucks Joey's dick.
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    • Scariness rating: Joey: 8 / Tom: 3


  • The three love horror movies, and they agree that A Nightmare On Elm Street is the best horror movie of all times.